Free iTunes Store account without a credit card

The iTunes Store is a convenient online store from Apple that is built on Itunes. Here you can get free podcast, videos and games for download include the iPhone and iPod Touch. Many things you have to pay, but there are also available a few free things. Unfortunately, you do need a credit card to create an account and not everyone has that. Here you will learn how to create an account without a credit card.

What is iTunes Store?

iTunes Store is a media service that is built into iTunes. You can surcharge songs, albums, videos, audiobooks, buy movies and TV shows. There are also get many free files including movies, many games and applications for iPhone and iPod Touch. The handiest of the iTunes store that allows you to put all your music from an album image, the music that you do not pick up on iTunes. This allows you to browse through all your album art in Cover Flow, built in iTunes and most iPods, which has great effect.

How can you create an account?

If you have a credit card open iTunes and click the top right on ‘Login’. Then click “Create New Account” and after you have agreed to the terms and conditions click “Agree”. Then fill in your user information in the form and press’ Continue. In the next screen, enter your credit card details and billing address and press Done, and then you have an account!

Mac or AOL
If you have a Mac or AOL account (America Online), you can use it to login and you do not have an account longer to create.

without Credit

  1. Open iTunes and go to the iStore.
  2. Change the bottom of your country United States.
  3. Then click “Redeem” in Quick Links on the right side.

Then you need a code visit This code can be found include an iTunes gift card, where you have to pay a small amount. It’s best to find a site where you get a free code to download a few songs. If you google searches, for example the following keywords: “free itunes code” you will find sites with similar actions.

  • Enter the code in the Redeem screen in iTunes.
  • You have to enter an Apple ID, but you can skip it.
  • Click “Create Account”
  • Click twice on ‘Continue’
  • Now look at any hotel in a quiet state of America, and enter the information correctly in iTunes.
  • Upon payment option do you see the next option ‘None’, you have to click.
    Now click on ‘Continue’

Congratulations, you have an iTunes Store Account! Make sure you only download free stuff!

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