How to Redeem Google Play Store voucher code

How to redeem Google Play Store voucher code, Do you want to redeem a Google Play code it is important that you keep an eye on which Google Account you’re signed in. It would be a shame if you redeemed the code accidentally press the wrong account.

Cashing in on your mobile

  1. Open the Google Play Store.
  2. Left in the menu Redeem.
  3. Enter the code with spaces between them, and click Redeem.
  4. The balance is credited to your account to your apps, and music downloading files.

In your browser Redeem

You can also redeem code Google Play via your web browser, follow the steps below:

  • Go to
  • Left in the menu Credit Voucher
  • Enter the code with spaces between them, and click Redeem.
  • The balance is credited to your account to your apps, movies and music for download.

automatic exchange

If you have purchased, you can redeem this Google Play gift card code by clicking automatically redeemable after your purchase. There is one tab open in your browser where you can type the code to redeem your Google account page, so you do nothing about it.

You can also redeem your Google code via our Redeem

The code you entered is invalid

If you get the error message indicating that the code entered is invalid may indicate that your Google Wallet account is not yet ready for use. Possibly you have to accept to accept the terms of Google Wallet. Go to and log in with your Google account and accept the terms.

If you had accepted all the conditions, please contact our helpdesk, perhaps there was an error when activating the e-code. If so you just get a new one google play code for the inconvenience.

The Free PlayStation Move – Technical Details

The PlayStation Relocate is, regardless of just recently being launched, is already offered absolutely free from many web sites and also shops either as the bare system of as a bundle package.

About the PlayStation Removal

The PlayStation Removal is a motion-sensing video game controller system developed by Sony Computer system Enjoyment for usage with the PlayStation 3 games console. Designed to compete with the Nintendo Wii and the Microsoft Xbox Kinect (formally Job Natal), the PS3 Move is a cable television complimentary portable controller using interior motion sensors together with the PlayStation Eye cam to track the players setting in the space. Along with the main activity controller, a supplementary navigation controller in addition to a charging terminal is likewise available.

In spite of being brand-new technology, the Removal is currently offered absolutely free either on its own or with console package offers.

PlayStation Removal Equipment Information

The Relocate system makes use of the existing PS3 Bluetooth 2.0 cordless radio communication utilized by the standard Sixaxis and DualShock 3 cordless controllers. Both the conventional PlayStation Move controller in addition to the PlayStation Removal navigating controller use internal lithium-ion batteries that are billed with a USB Mini-B port built into the controller. The PS3 console and software application have the ability to sustain up to four Relocate controllers at the same time, with an equivalent mix of movement and navigation controllers being acceptable.

PlayStation Relocate Motion Controller

The key component of PlayStation Relocate, the PlayStation Move activity controller is a wand controller which enables the individual to engage with the PlayStation 3 via activity as well as position in front of the PlayStation Eye webcam. The orb or sphere at the head of the controller includes LED’s that permit it to glow in a full series of colors. These colors enable the controller to be seen as well as tracked by the cam. The ball could also be used by the console to establish the distance the controller is from the web cam hence allowing the PS3 to identify a full variety of 3D movements.

A three-axis linear accelerometer as well as a three-axis angular price sensor constructed right into the movement controller enable the system to track rotational motions as well as general activity. A magnetometer is also constructed right into the gadget as well as is utilized to adjust the controller’s orientation with the Planet’s magnetic field so as to act as a check versus the precision of the onboard sensors.

When the motion controller looses line of sight call with the webcam (such as when it is blocked by other people in the area), the interior sensors could briefly take control of and relay info to the console so the location of the controller could still be figured out by the software.

The physical switches on the Move activity controller include a large ovoid key button, a PS button, the typical PlayStation buttons (Triangular, Circle, Cross, and also Square), a Select as well as Start button (on the left and right-hand man sides specifically), whilst an analogue trigger is located on the underside of the unit. Various other functions and also adapters consist of the USB port, an extension port and also a wrist strap accessory factor.

Comments offered by the motion controller is available in the form of resonance, much like that in the standard DualShock controllers, whilst the light round could be used for aesthetic responses with hthe color transforming to suit in video game circumstances.

All processing work for the PlayStation Relocate is executed utilizing the PS3’s existing Cell cpu. Whilst the task of handling the Move software application will certainly use up a few of the consoles sources, there is still most likely to be lots of ability left over to run the latest games.

Sony will quickly allow console haters obtain their PS4 fix on Windows PCs

layStation Currently, Sony’s own “Netflix-of-games” on-line streaming service, will get a great deal a lot more appealing. The business introduced on Monday that the service will start to formally support games from its existing PlayStation 4 platform beginning “in 2017.” Now, PS Currently only supports games from the older PS3 system.

It’s an obscure begin date, however we think we know when to anticipate the switchover: at some time hereafter August.

Nearly specifically one month earlier, Sony had a less-welcome news for its PS Currently users, telling them that pretty much all devices they used to visit and also play video games would no longer work beginning on August 15. That implies if you liked playing PS Now games on the portable PlayStation Vita, smart Televisions from Sony as well as Samsung, or your old PlayStation 3, you would soon run out luck.

That February news meant updates and also developments to the service on its continuing to be compatible platforms: PlayStation 4 gaming consoles as well as Windows Computers. Coincidentally, those platforms will obtain access to PS Now’s PS4 Giveaway “personal test” in a “few weeks,” and also current customers have been informed to watch on their e-mail inboxes for a possible invite. (Users are not being asked to specifically sign up for the examination.).

Sony said all paying clients will certainly obtain accessibility to PS Now’s ultimate PS4 library of games later this year, just like they presently stream as well as play any one of the PS3 games in Sony’s web server pool. Nonetheless, not every PS3 video game could be accessed on PS Currently, and it continues to be to be seen the number of current-gen titles will certainly land in the $99/year subscription solution. (Microsoft, conversely, is still pushing its Xbox Play Anywhere initiative, which allows buyers of a single game’s permit play that game on both Xbox One gaming consoles and Windows 10 PCs. Extra 3rd parties have begun to go into that Play Anywhere ecosystem, also, though MS still dominates it.).

Sony has continued improving and also tweaking the video quality and latency of its PS Now solution, as I have actually found in my own casual tests over the previous couple of years. (Any person who wish to test its latency before paying for a full year can dive in for $20 monthly, or $45 for each 3 months.) Affordable FPS video gaming is a non-starter, but the input lag is similar to an older HDTV, which serves for single-player experiences, for instance. Depending on just how rich the PS Now collection turns out to be, this could extremely well suffice for Windows PC players that desire an additional avenue to playing console exclusives.

Android Nougat notifications are now available on WhatsApp

Change account number whatsapp

With the advent of Android Nougat we could see many new features that brought with it the new version of the operating system of the green robot. One of them is the one of the notifications expanded, a novelty that we like very much and that without doubt is very comfortable to respond directly on them.

Surely more than one user has been able to think about the possibility of responding to WhatsApp messages directly from the notification, since if the answer is short it can be very useful. Well, this has come to WhatsApp and we’ll show you how it works.

Notifications extended in WhatsApp

Until now we received the number of messages that we had to read in WhatsApp, as well as the number of senders from which the messages arrived. Now WhatsApp counts on this and with the possibility to see the last messages of a conversation simply pulling down in the notification.

In addition to this we can see in the image how there is a button that allows us to respond to that person, opening a small text box from the notification itself. A very useful and convenient feature for all those who use WhatsApp as the main instant messaging app and are stuck to it day by day.

Also with the new notifications we will have the possibility to read the last messages of the conversations without the double blue check appears, so that if we do not want to answer at that moment nothing happens since no one will know that we have read your message.

The new type of notifications is only available to those who have their smartphone updated with Android 7.0 Nougat. Only the latest beta version of WhatsApp (2.17.13) is needed and we can already enjoy this new functionality.

What do you think about the new notifications? Do you think the implementation in WhatsApp is useful?